Wren opened her private practice in 2008 and her office is currently located on Brambleton Avenue in Southwest County in Roanoke. She works with individual adults and couples, and specializes in assisting those struggling with mood disorders, trauma, grief and loss, childhood sexual abuse and PTSD. "It is my great privilege to provide counsel at the most vulnerable times in my clients' lives," said Wren.

Prior to her private practice adventure, Wren spent four years at Avenues to Recovery, a local addictions treatment center. Wren joined the Avenues staff in 2004 and served as program director until November of 2008. During her time at Avenues, Wren found that her passion was the work clients were able to do after the cessation of substance use. This precipitated her clinical focus moving from substance abuse/addictions to the issues underlying people's outdated coping strategies.    

In  terms of education, Wren received her high school diploma from Chatham Hall, her bachelor's degree from JMU and her master's in counseling from Virginia Tech. Wren is a Hakomi Therapy graduate and is licensed by the state of Virginia as a Licensed Professional Counselor. "The Hakomi Method  is an elegant and highly effective form of body centered therapy designed to support self discovery through experiments done in mindfulness. The goal is the discovery and alteration of unconscious motivations, beliefs and outdated frames of reference that are causing unnecessary suffering. Providing a safe, positive atmosphere coupled with the warmth, presence, flexibility and the intelligence of the therapist create the foundation for this life changing work." Wren is a strong proponent of client empowerment and mindfulness based healing in therapy.